The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bedfords Battle II

OK, now it is the turn of Sir John Fastolf, Knight Banneret. Here he is wearing his "cote amor", thrusting forward a fist, joining Bedford in egging his men forward. He carries his poleaxe in his right hand ready for the ensuing melee. Behind Fastolf a knight is in the process of finishing off one of the poorly armed and untrained French men at arms after jabbing him in the face with his cruel battle axe. Not all of the men at arms in the French contingent at Verneuil would have been so poorly armed and negligently trained but I felt compelled to include quite a few as a substantial number are likely to have been so bearing in mind the arriere ban had been enforced to put the army together.

Sir John Fastolf was created knight banneret by Bedford and thus had the right to bear his heraldic banner. His banner bearer wears quite old fashioned armour in that he has a gambeson covering a coat of plates and little else by way of plate covering his torso. Nevertheless, the protection afforded by his armour would more then likely be adequate for the job at hand. Next him a man at arms is in full swing with his bill, often a dangerous manoeuvre during the press of combat, not only for himself as it leaves him open to a counter attack but for his friends too if too tightly pressed as is probable at Verneuil.


  1. Very,very nice!Love the action.

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  2. LOL! It's about time too :O)))))

    More to come tomorrow then it's on to talking a little about the events leading up to the battle.