The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Sunday, 29 August 2010


Welcome to this my new Blog that will be centred around putting together a demo game of the Battle of Verneuil fought on 17th of August 1424, between the forces of John of Bedford acting Regent of France for Henry VI of England and France and The Duc d'Alencon on behalf of Charles VI, titular King of France.

This struggle was to prove to be one of the most epic of the HYW, yet the battle has often been reduced to a few pages or a footnote in most history books dealing with the HYW in English. This is a strange turn of events as Verneuil was equally as hard fought as Cravant and Agincourt, certainly two of the more famous battles of the conflict.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting up pics of my English (actually Anglo-Norman), French, Scottish and Lombard forces as the army is put together. This is a joint venture with my friend Simon Chick. As of yet, we have never actually met but our passion for Late Medieval warfare and wargaming has inspired much correspondence and the idea of putting on a demo of the battle with the aim of the game making it's debut at Salute next year.



  1. Nice project Darrel ! Defintively my favorite period of the Hundred Years War !


  2. Looking forward to seeing this!

  3. Hi Darrell
    As I've been mentioned in the first entry, I thought I'd better follow, so have signed it as follower #9 !!
    Will send you a PM reply asap later today...

  4. Just found this via Simon's blog and i'll repeat what I said there, what an excellent pairing. The HYW was the period that got me into wargaming and painting and i'm sure you'll inspire both enthusiasts and beginners alike.

    I don't suppose you could add a bit more history on what led to the alliance and Bedford's place / rise in it.



  5. Hi,
    i'm SO envious of your painting skills. Could I offer a suggestion about bills? As a rule I think you would expect non-archers - aming the English and the Scots anyway - to be armed with spears and with swords as a secondary weapon for the battlefield. There is a St. Andrews University Ph.D. thesis on L'armee d'Ecosse from about 2004 or 2005. Author's name was Mark something (an impressive scholar, but I can't remember his surname)but that's probably enough to find the thesis via St. Andrews University Library. Throughout the 13-15th centuries (at least) English and Scottish troops should be utterly interchangeable - same weapons, armour, horses - just different flags really.
    Hope this is useful,
    Chris Brown