The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

English Men at Arms: Step by Step III

Ok, so a bit faster then last time, here is the third and final post for the English Men at Arms step by step.

As you can see they are now complete. Final colour selection was not too difficult for the men at arms as they are in full harness and it was really only a matter of choosing what colours to do their respective belts, shoes and scabbards etc. I chose a very dark blue and a very dark green (both from Foundry)- applying the paint in three layers paying attention to follow the contours of their equipment.

That out of the way, this being Bedfords main battle, I decided to keep with the theme of liveried retainers so one was chosen as one of Fastolf's men and the other was to wear the livery of Bedford and the Lancastrian kings.

Fastolf's livery is red and black. I used the Vallejo Dark Rust for the red from one of their Panzer Ace sets and added Vallejo Scarlet to highlight. Having just been delivered of the Black Andreas paint set it seemed the perfect moment to try it out of Falstolf's man. His gambeson was painted Vallejo Black and then highlighted with No's 5 and then 6 from the Andreas Black set. I think that it came out very well and is a very subtle way of highlighting black.

Bedford's man. I started with Foundry Midnight Blue(B) and added progressive layers of Foundry Sky Blue (A) then Vallejo white to the mix. The White being done with the Foundry Arctic Grey set but instead of using their white I use Vallejo Model Colour White as it is both strong and vibrant, all the better for painting up Late Medieval armies.

The leather work was GW Scorched Earth with Black, then Scorched Earth by itself and finally Dark Flesh. Polearms were Scorched Earth with a little Black and a highlight of a medium brown- any will do as long as it's not too light.


  1. Very nicely done Darrell to include the tutorial and paint job!


  2. Very helpful guide Darrell and great looking figures for the Bedford contingent.

  3. HMM?...WELL?...ERM?...Can you try painting with both eyes shut and one arm behind your back to give the rest of us a chance.thats going to be a VERY nice looking army young sir :-)


  4. Beautiful work Darrell :)


    PS. It seems I can become a blog follower using my yahoo account ID, but I can't actually post comments without acquiring a Google ID... All a bit odd. Ah well...

  5. Lovely looking figures and amazing painting!

  6. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    There will be a couple more mini's for Bedfords battle which will then be re-based. Then it's on to sorting the archers out, which thanksfully in the main are already painted and just need sorting into the vignette style basing, which many of them happily already are. Just need to re-choreograph many of the existing bases to match some of the scenes that may have taken place during Verneuil without going too over the top :O).

    After all, they still have to look like groups of soldiers.....


  7. Man these boys look amazing great detail awesome work