The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gripping Beast Late Roman/Justinian/Heraclian Byzantine Army For Sale

A bit of a change.......

This army has won "Best Painted Army" at a couple of events. All the miniatures are very well painted and are of a high standard. The army was all painted within three weeks before one of the WAB events (Beyond the Golden Gate organised by the guys at Gripping Beast and hosted at GWHQ if anyone's interested?). As such, the army is not in my usual painting style but that's not to say that a great deal of man hours have not been spent painting the army- rather, I just dropped everything and spent three weeks painting it up.

I'm looking for £800 for the whole army as one job lot. I can deliver the army to Cold Steel at Gripping Beast HQ or arrangements can be made to post the army- which will of course be very well 'wrapped up' and I can get a quote on the postage as soon as I have a prospective buyer. As well as posting to the UK I'm happy to send the army overseas (Japan, USA, Europe etc) but as it's such a large consignement I would insist on the army being insured which the buyer would have to pay.

Cavalry mini's work out at £15 per figure and Infantry at £4. (Skirmishers are free)

If you're interested please PM me or send an e-mail to:

Here's what you would be getting for  your money:

Late Roman Comitatus:

Late Roman Bucellarii Unit 1:

Late Roman Bucellarii Unit 2:

Hun Horse Archers Unit 1:

Hun Horse Archers Unit 2:

Late Roman Infantry and Archers:

Late Roman Skirmishers:

Thanks for taking a look chaps/chapesses :O)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Simple but Effective Longbowmen Conversions


One of the advantages of putting on a game with others, be it demo or at the club is that you get to have a good look at all the new ideas that they have come up with regarding painting, modelling and conversion work. In the case of the two longbowmen below, now awaiting their opportunity to see some paint in the que that used to be my other painting table, both have been inspired by some of Simon's conversion work which can be seen on his blog.

The first chap has had his arrows removed from behind him and a plastic small 'sheaf' off arrows added to his belt. These were taken from the 'spares' box and are from the Wars of the Roses plastic box set from Perry Miniatures. The second chap if from the has had his front oringinally from their Handgunners pack has had his hand holding the match removed and this has been replaced with a plastic one holding a longbow from the plastics bits box. The first archers arrows have then been glued behind the second archer and thus we have a nice simple conversion that looks effective and will add that bit of variation to one of my Longbowman stands.

I think that the second conversion is great as it actually looks as though the archer is twisting around to reach his arrows.

Friday, 29 April 2011

More Salute Pics


Credit for these pics and the former must go to Joe Dever, Phil Steele and Ray. without the generosity of these gents I wouldn't have anything to show for our efforts and this blog would be a less happy place. Lesson learnt- always check your camera for the battery before you leaqve for a show!

Thanks again guys,


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Verneuil Vignettes

I threw together some vignettes from mostly already painted miniatures for the Verneuil demo. We use them in Impetus to mark units that are Disordered, essentially they act as a kind of casulaty marker, something absolutely crucial when putting on a demo game as the last thing you need is card markers cluttering up what would otherwise be an impressive view. Despite already having a number of these already made up, as it happenned on the day we didn't really have enough of these so there will be plenty more to come.