The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course.......

Lombard Cavalry.

Both man and beast amously harnessed in 'arrow proof' armour at Verneuil.

How to model them on the table top? As there is almost no contemporary illustrations that I know of depicting horse barding from 1424 or there abouts I decided that the best route to go down would be to purchase some barded horse flesh from a later period. For this I chose the mounted Men at Arms from the excellent Venexia Late Condotta range. The harness on the horse dates almost certainly from a later date but rather importantly the Perry mounted Men at Arms are a good fit and consequently there will be a lot less sculpting to be done- something at which I am certainly no expert!

There are alas only two barded miniatures in the range but this has been remedied by some simple head swaps. I don't think thay have lost much of the dynamic in terms of pose in transition so as soon as I fill in some gaps with putty and start upon the daunting task of sculpting I'll let you have more pics:

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Thursday, 20 January 2011



OK, topic for today is what filler to use on my bases? On 60x120mm impetus bases. I've used different materials with varying results in the past and they have all been applied to smaller bases to varying degrees of satisfaction. This is something that i have to get right the first time so I thought I'd pick your brains......

Oh, the important thing is to avoid warping.....

OK, Milliput- I found I had to apply a little water to smooth the stuff out. This may have added to the degree of which some of the larger bases warped. Has anyone tried using Milliput neat? If so what grade did you use?

B&Q/ Quick Drying Polycell Filler- again, prone to warping as the solvent and water content evaporates. Has anyone any experience in using filler that dries in a 'normal' time span? Did it make any difference?

Any other suggestions?

In the meantime, to keep you all going, here's the first Archer base- note the ubiquitous archer showing his contempt to the crowd opposite:


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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Composition is Everything?

OK, it seemed as though the transition from basing my HYW English from Warhammer Ancient Battles over to Impetus should have been a doddle given that Impetus affords a much larger basing area and thus more room for adding those vignette style bases that I'm so fond of......

For those who don't- you can see what I mean by vignette style on my website here:

Easy? Well, actually no! The extra space afforded by Impetus seems to have guided me 'back' towards putting the units together so they look like a more coherent mass of Medieval soldiery and away from leaving too many spaces on each base. I'm almost at a loss to explain it. Since I was eleven I've had it drummed into me that the essential thing about composition was to have some sort of balance in each 'scene'. Art college did away with a lot of these notions, where I learnt that dis-chord in an image could as easily and was sometimes the only way of conveying a message.

So why the back peddling? Maybe it's something as simple as losing my bottle on the larger bases and not being as willing to experiment these days? I'm really at a bit of a loss to explain all of this.....

So, whilst I ponder, here's a couple of pics of the finished Men-at Arms bases (OK, so they need some filler- save that topic for another day!)

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