The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 20 January 2011



OK, topic for today is what filler to use on my bases? On 60x120mm impetus bases. I've used different materials with varying results in the past and they have all been applied to smaller bases to varying degrees of satisfaction. This is something that i have to get right the first time so I thought I'd pick your brains......

Oh, the important thing is to avoid warping.....

OK, Milliput- I found I had to apply a little water to smooth the stuff out. This may have added to the degree of which some of the larger bases warped. Has anyone tried using Milliput neat? If so what grade did you use?

B&Q/ Quick Drying Polycell Filler- again, prone to warping as the solvent and water content evaporates. Has anyone any experience in using filler that dries in a 'normal' time span? Did it make any difference?

Any other suggestions?

In the meantime, to keep you all going, here's the first Archer base- note the ubiquitous archer showing his contempt to the crowd opposite:


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  1. well, my time-honoured and trusted method is:
    - unibond tile grout (or ready-mixed Polyfilla) to cover the bases
    - when dry, stick on larger and smaller stones with PVA glue
    - sand sprinkled on in patches with mix of PVA & water
    ... and you're ready to paint (grasses and tufts added last).
    Never had warping issue, although most of my basing for last 30 years has been on plasticard (warp-reisitant), but recent switch to laser-cut mdf seems ok too.
    Hope that's helpful?

  2. I second the laser cut mdf, there's a lot of chaps on ebay who offer a service and can cut to your specifications.

    For filler I use pre-mixed woodfiller in pots, they come in a variety of browns which means if your base chips there's no horrible white bits showing through. Plus it dries fairly quickly and keeps for quite a while.


  3. Ah, the million dollar question. When you find the answer, please share it.
    Seriously, I use ready mixed filler, or tile grout, or PVA dipped in sand. No problems with warping, other than when I used plasticard even though it was billed as warp-resistant.

  4. I use Ronseal plastic wood with some highlighting and scenic stuff:

    Hope the link comes out okay! The good thing about this is that it's acrylic, so it shouldn't warp the base. I originally used Joy brand plastic wood, which looks much better, but it is not acrylic. Some of my old bases warped as a result. It also stinks...

    Hope you don't mind me joining in as a follower!


  5. Caliban,

    Welcome aboard :O)

    Some interesting ideas as regards filler, especially the wood filler. I've never given that a go so I'll give it a try soon.

    As far as Tetrion goes has anyone tried Tetrion Smart Filler? The product description on their website states that it does not shrink?


  6. I use plastic model filler (Revell or Humbrol)neat out the tube. Easy to put on and doesn't warp.

  7. Legatus Hedius....

    You may have just hit the nail on the head! I'll try it and report back.


  8. For bases I use Art Board, then emulsion paint sprinkled or dipped in sand. Allow to dry overnight then add more if necessary to cover any gaps or to build up to figures feet.Any colour of emulsion paint is OK as I finish bases in Artist,s acryllics availablle in any ART SHOP.I,ve used this method for 30 years and have never had any chipping - it sets like concrete.