The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Monday, 14 March 2011

Twenty Mil Impetus Run Through.....

It's been a while since my last post as there's been some quite serious stuff happenning in my life.....

Anyway, that's about as much of a 'blues jam' for you ought to to suffer on my account- so..... it's on with the blogging!

Last Thursday I actually managed to get to the club and get a 20mm HYW game of Impetus under my belt. Thoroughly enjoyable game and just as well really as these are the rules that we have settled upon using for our Battle of Verneuil demo! It would be a bit too late for a U-turn now!!

The lists for both English army and that of the French with Scots force were used as they are published in the Extra Impetus I supplement. I've been humming and harring over whether to make any modifications to the lists for the actual game. In particular I'd like to see the Scots Archers at least given the stats on Levy Longbows from the Wars of the Roses lists (see Extra Impetus III) which would at least raise their status to Longbow B- something more akin to DeWaurin's description of their prowess on the battlefield. We had them as Skirmishing Archers with Shortbows (!) which made them woefully under perform. The other problem stats-wise would be the Lonbard Mercenary cavalry employed by the French. On one hand it seems reasonable to strengthen Lombard to VBU 8 and drop any notion of them being Impetuous. On the other hand the game played out well as you will see. Tempted but not convinced is the verdict at present. On to the action:

Below you will see the armies post deployement.

OK, so the French and Lombard Men-at-Arms make their intitial moves forward gathering pace as they go. Unfortunately their lines become too fluid and thus unable to keep in unison (ie Disordered). Note the massed ranks of the the Scottish Schiltrons and the French dismounted Men-at-Arms the order to follow up the heavy cavalry.

And here they go too- nice and orderly! Makes a nice change!

Unlike at Verneuil the English manage to place their stakes and both Men-at-Arms and Archer alike wait for the cavalry to get into range before unleashing a barrage that disorders the enemy cavalry- not really what they needed as they were already in a tangle but ho- hum...

There's something altogether unsettleing about being being on the receiving end of an arrow storm (Yeah,I know what you're thinking... well, actually I've received many.... spot the white lie). This disordered the Lombards who start taking quite serious casualties (they abviously forgot their horse harness- think Genoese Crossbowmen at Crecy and you start to get the picture). Seemingly oblivious to the plight of their comrades the murderous effect of massed archery does very little to deter the French who just keep ploughing forward!

Here's a nice overall pic of the goings on:

Then, the lines clash and the unthinkable happens.... the English line, so steadfast a few minutes ago starts to crumble..... all is lost? Well, that's roughly as far as we got. We have another game planned this coming Thursday eveing so I'll make sure I give a better account next time... or at least an ending :O)


  1. Great looking board ....and yes I'm jealous as I would like to play a game of Impetus, but need to clear up a few things first. I'm looking at 2012 being the year of Impetus for me.


  2. Look like a great game, I've heard a lot about Impetus recently on blogs and such. Are they a good set of rules, I use Age of Discovery for my late Medieval/Renaissance period?

  3. Hi Ray,

    To be honest I've never used Age of Discovery so I can't really make any comparisons between the two rulesets. Impetus does maintain linear battle lines, has an element of 'realism' (if one can call it that) but still maintains enough interest in terms of throwing dice to keep the game on a fun level.

    so far i have used the ruleset to play three or four HYW and and a couple Great Italian Wars games. In each game the rules have performed quite well in terms of modelling what we may perceive as a Medieval battle. There are niggles, but having been searching for the holy Grail of rulesets for the period for many years I can live with these :O)

    BTW, you can download Basic Impetus at the Dadi & Piombo Magazine site here:

    Hope that is of some help?


  4. Bedford, feel free to change statistics in the army lists. Army lists are made to play generic games, but when making a scenario I think it is ok to adapt troop qualities to that specific event. Goog job! :-)


  5. Hi Lorenzo,

    Thanks for the compliment. I will probably be making the minor changes to the lists as outlined above. By tomorrow evening I/we should know how the armies perform with my alterations.

  6. Thanks for the info and the link, I'll have a read

  7. Hi Bedford

    Thanks for a very nice AAR !

    Best regards Dalauppror

  8. That´s one lot of Zvezda medievals...looks very nice..I´m jealous

  9. Paul,

    I actually forgot to say in my post, the miniatures featured are all from the collection of Paul Richardson who is responsible for putting together these great armies.


  10. Er... it's Paul Stevenson, actually. I think you just do this because I sometimes call you Darren. Heh, heh.

    Paul Rich... I mean, Paul Stevenson.

  11. Or could it be that I'm easily confused [place embarrassed icon here]