The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mike Loads on Verneuil and Plate Armour

Here's a few vids of Mike Loades from Channel 4's Weapons that Made Britain series  televised about six years ago. In these he discusses the relative merits of  merits of plate armour for both man and beast and the effect plate horse housing on on the English during the initial stages of the Battle of Verneuil. Love him or loath him, he's got a paassion for the period and has some interesting takes on the battle (I'm firmly in the 'love him' camp).


It would be very interesting to hear what you guys think of the videos and in particular Mr Loades ideas about combat.

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  1. I think Mr Loades makes some interesting programmes though I don't particularly like his 'style', bit too intense for my liking. The Verneuil prog which I have seen a couple of times is pretty interesting in that it puts forward the more progressive thinking that the archery wasn't that effective in penetrating armour but was more a disruptive fire effect particularly in the late period against the more plate orientated troops. Still very 'tele for the masses'. I would like to see how Mr Loades got on on a Saturday night in the Sarry Heed, when somebody was actually trying cause some damage. Might be a bit messy.