The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Announcing New Blog; Just Add Water II

It is now some years ago that I put together my first blog, Just Add Water. If memory serves it was full of Dark Ages/Sub Roman miniatures, many of which have now been sold on but I still retain an army or two. I really enjoyed putting together just Add Water as it was not 'period' specific and as my two current are placed firmly in the 15th C I thought it would be fun to let loose with some pics of stuff that I will be painting over the next few months. As I'm a full time professional miniature painter this will include armies, units, vignettes, step by step's and single miniatures etc.

Anyway, if you'd like to check out Just Add Water please click HERE

Here's a quick sample of what you can expect:

Hope you enjoy it!


Friday, 10 February 2012

It's Not Often That.......


It's been what seems like a very, very long time since my last 'real' post. Indeed it most certainly is! I've been unwell of late and have been unable to get much done in the way of painting and modelling. I'll be making an announcement as regards my illness on a couple of the wargaming fora that I will be returning to in the near future but for now it's best to concentrate on the matter at hand! Wargaming of course!!

Todays topic then, is Claymore Castings. This range sculpted by Paul Hicks and commisioned by David Imrie and Andrew Taylor does indeed show great promise. The miniatures are based on the Battle of Otterburn and the sculpts that I have seen really conjure up the look of the Scottish force lead by Douglas on that fatefull day in Northunbria. The stylistic difference between other companies versions of the Scots in the Late 14th C is a subtle but marked one and works very well indeed- the Scots Spear really look then part. Again, based upon what I have seen much of the the Claymore Castings range would also be great for other armies in North Western Europe at the end of the 14th C and many would be fine for earlier in the century as well.

I should be receiving a sample or two soon which I'll paint up (immediately!) and post a pic or two here. In the meantime I'll let the pics do the talking:

OK, that's about it for now. As I've said, I hope that I'll soon have a few painted up in all their glory. You can follow the news of how the range progresses on Dave Imrie's Saxon Dog Blog.