The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lord Camoys and Sir Thomas Erpingham

Here's the third (and final for now at least) vignette from the 'rescued' Agincourt English army prior to the army transmuting into Bedfords army at Verneuil.

This time the miniatures didn't really lend themselves to the gung-ho type of scene conveyed in the other two vignettes, yet I do feel that this one is perhaps the most successful out of the three. In the foreground Lord Camoys pulls rank on Sir Thomas Erpingham as the army sets up for it's fatefull encounter with the French. In the background Lord Camoys banner bearer discusses their chances against such a large French army set against them. You can possibly imagine the conversation; "it's alright for those posh buggers, they will be ransomed, whilst we shall have our throats cut!" or something along those lines.

Unlike the other vignettes in this mini series the heraldry was easy to paint up as the Perry's had sculpted it onto the models which was very kind of them IMHO. Though, it has to be said, it would also be nice if there was no sculpted heraldic devices on the models which would give them much more leeway. Still, you can't have it both ways and the models really are beautiful.

A bit of background to the characters.....

The Camoys family was enobled in 1313 when Ralph de Camoys (d.1336) was summoned to Parliament and made Lord Camoys. Thomas de Camoys, his ancestor was the man commanding the left battle at Agincourt.

Sir Thomas Erpingham fought in Spain under John of Gaunt, Henry V's grandfather in Spain where he earned his martial reputation. He was given command of the archers at Agincourt where he famously threw his baton in the air to instigate the arrow storm.

Next time I should have a few Scottish models painted up from Claymore Castings fantastic range of  Scottish Wars of Independence miniatures and perhaps more pics of the archer bases are to come too.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Henry! A Henry! A Saint George!!


Here's the next vignette out of the set of three that I cobbled together from the 'left overs' from my HYW English. Obviously this chap needs no introduction (if he did you probably wouldn't be reading this blog right?).

Henry himself is actually a Front Rank miniature but I found that he didn't look too out of place with the Perry stuff on the base and the slightly taller and chunkier sculpt accentuates his perceived stature as the great war leader he undoubtedly was.

So, here we have Henry V encouraging his troops to get stuck in to the melee, perhaps after the English ranks were pushed back by the initial French onslaught at Agincourt. He stands next to Sir John Codrington, Henry's Banner Bearer, who wears his own coat of arms. Codrington is from one of the Perry Dismounted Command Packs from their Agincourt to Orleans range but has had his poleaxe removed and a Front Rank (who do make excellent Late Medieval 'bits') sword carefully placed into his hand as carrying a poleaxe and holding up a banner would be very problematic on a Medieval battlefield! I then just drilled into his hand (again, very, very carefully!) and added the Royal Banner of England. finally the musician wears the Lancastrian livery used by Henry V, his brothers Bedford and Clarence (and possibly Humphrey of Glaucester too? Anyone out there know Glaucester's livery colours?).

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the text. Next up is Lord Camoys and Sir Thomas Erpingham.

Monday, 2 April 2012

A Oxford! a Oxford!

Hi all,

First off, let me thanks everyone for their encouragement as regards my illness in the last post. I was really touched by the support passed to me and I really do appreciate it. Kudos to you all!

OK, down to business.... I mentioned in my last post that I had some painted Perry Miniatures from their HYW range left over from my original idea for my HYW English army. With the painting efforts put into the Verneuil Game we did for Salute last year these mini's were packed up in bubble wrap and put to one side with the expectation that they may not see the light of day until 2015! I'm sure you're all aware that the 600th anniversary on Agincourt falls in that year?

I decided that it would be a real shame not to be able to display such beautifully sculpted miniatures and that combined with me feeling under the weather prompted me into doing a bit of vignette work . Here's the first base, it's meant to represent Richard de Vere encouraging the (no doubt somewhat very surprised to still be alive!) men at arms forward into the melee at Agincourt. As a quick aside, one day soon I intend to do a heavily converted version of the romanticised image of Henry V standing over the body of Richard de Vere. Maybe some of you have seen the Victorian image I'm referring to? I couldn't find one on the net but I'll keep looking.

A couple of interesting facts, the de Vere family were staunch Lancastrian supporters during the Wars of the Roses and Richard was one of the prosecuters at the trial of Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Lord Scrope at Southampton prior to setting sail to France in 1415.

Next up will be Lord Camoys and Sir Thomas Erpingham, but for now here are the pics of Richard de Vere: