The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lord Camoys and Sir Thomas Erpingham

Here's the third (and final for now at least) vignette from the 'rescued' Agincourt English army prior to the army transmuting into Bedfords army at Verneuil.

This time the miniatures didn't really lend themselves to the gung-ho type of scene conveyed in the other two vignettes, yet I do feel that this one is perhaps the most successful out of the three. In the foreground Lord Camoys pulls rank on Sir Thomas Erpingham as the army sets up for it's fatefull encounter with the French. In the background Lord Camoys banner bearer discusses their chances against such a large French army set against them. You can possibly imagine the conversation; "it's alright for those posh buggers, they will be ransomed, whilst we shall have our throats cut!" or something along those lines.

Unlike the other vignettes in this mini series the heraldry was easy to paint up as the Perry's had sculpted it onto the models which was very kind of them IMHO. Though, it has to be said, it would also be nice if there was no sculpted heraldic devices on the models which would give them much more leeway. Still, you can't have it both ways and the models really are beautiful.

A bit of background to the characters.....

The Camoys family was enobled in 1313 when Ralph de Camoys (d.1336) was summoned to Parliament and made Lord Camoys. Thomas de Camoys, his ancestor was the man commanding the left battle at Agincourt.

Sir Thomas Erpingham fought in Spain under John of Gaunt, Henry V's grandfather in Spain where he earned his martial reputation. He was given command of the archers at Agincourt where he famously threw his baton in the air to instigate the arrow storm.

Next time I should have a few Scottish models painted up from Claymore Castings fantastic range of  Scottish Wars of Independence miniatures and perhaps more pics of the archer bases are to come too.


  1. Lovely looking vignette and interesting history. I'm seriously trying to avoid yet another medieval period, but looking at those figures it's hard to resist.


  2. Great stuff! What a great period for painting in vibrant color!

  3. Stunning work Darrell !!!

    Like the laid back dudes in the back that having a chat while the bosses discuss ransomes. You realy got the vignette alive!

    Best regards Dalauppror

  4. Lovely work Darrell, thank you for sharing.



  5. Thanks for all your kind words guys- much appreciated!


  6. Lovely stuff as always Darrell!

    1. Thanks Roy.

      Great to see project Auldern on the move again too.


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    1. The Kiwi & Sander,

      Thanks for the compliments. Always appreciated and a great morale boost :>)