The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hundred Years War Warbow Conversions I

Some of you chaps and chapesses may have noticed my plea for any spare models of the Free Agincourt themed mini my Alan Perry in the Wanted section of the Bazaar of Obscurities(?). Well, this thread is basically going to be illustrating just why I have asked folk if they can help me out. BTW, thank you to those who have pledged their mini- it's really very good of you and is certainly appreciated!

I'm planning four two six  bases of archers on two different types, some nocking, drawing a loosing to go with the two fingered 'salute' and a three bases in which the archers have dropped their bows, picked up whatever they have at hand, be it mail, axe, falchion or simply sword or dagger and are about to or are wading into the maelstrom that typified the Late Medieval battlefield. After all, all battles of the period ended up with some serious fighting even for the archers, or as in the case of Agincourt and Verneuil where the pressure put on the flanks of the French in melee won the day (French and Scots at Verneuil) .

Here's a few snaps of what to expect:

In the first pic I've simply replaced the steak with the dagger in (I plan on a conversion where an archer is reaching for the dagger ion another base). the second the archer, whohas a body out of the HYW Plastic box set- i've used procreate to fill in the missing sections of hood-  is steakless as I'm going to have him at the forefront of a base charging in with his maul. I have a whole series of conversion ideas, not all of them involving the Free mini but most of which do.

I will hopefully start the painting today- after tidying up my table etc as it was left in a frenzy of activity prior to Salute and I didn't have the heart to tidy it up until today!

The ProCreate putty was a new purchase at Salute. I still have some older ProCreate from a while back and I have to say that I think that the older stuff, being less tacky was easier towork with than the newer stuff! It's probably just a case of getting used to s=using the newer stuff so i'm sticking with it.

Bye for now,

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