The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 30 April 2015

HYW English Archer Conversions II (Free Salute Model )

OK, I've been quite busy converting some of the Salute Free Agincourt mini's sculpted by Alan Perry with other parts from their plastic HYW English boxed set again sculpted by Alan Perry along with a couple of metal conversions too.

If you remember, in my original post my aim is to create a few bases of archers in the process of nocking, drawing and loosing and to have a few bases of archers dropping their bows and getting stuck into combat. This all actually comes from a suggestion that i made to Michael Perry a few years ago and it's not impossible that this is where the idea for the Agincourt to Orleans Melee pack originated from(?).

First are two metal mini's that I converted some time ago. The first being a Handgunner with his hand cut away and a bow placed in it in place of the linstock. The bow I've tilted to one side as he reaches behind him to where I've placed a metal bunch of arrows. I think the conversion works quite well as it shows the archer in a slightly contorted pose reaching for the arrow:

The second metal conversion was actually really simple in that I had already cut away his arrows to add to the mini above so it was simply a case of adding some plastic arrows from the Wars of the Roses Boxed Set (The HYW plastics didn't exist at the time!). Again, although a simpler piece of work than his mate above, I think that it works quite well:

Next I have a mini using the archers body from the Salute Freebie and the arms and equipment from the HYW box. The body is in a much more dynamic pose then the one's in the box set and I've modeled him drawing the bow- with the bending of the back knee he really looks as if he is straining to draw the bow as one's body does. I've got to cut away part of the hood from the torso and then add a ProCreate hood as the hood on the Freebie hangs lower down than that of any in the box. I've also got some work to do on filling the gap of his right arm and his shoulder and modelling the details of his gambeson in that area. Mold lines have to be removed too:

Next, again a very simple conversion. I cut away one of the smaller bases from the sprue and rounded it off by filing away at it with an emery board. The mini was made up of parts solely from the box and I simply drilled a hole and added the arrows from the Freebie. Again a little ProCreate will be added just to fill in the gaps and the mini will have all mold lines removed- I find this actually easier to do when the mini has been stuck together and the glue has thoroughly set:

With the next mini I have utilised the steak with the axe stuck in from the Freebie and have my archer who has already armed himself with his buckler reaching for the axe in the wooden steak. It's as though he's dropped his bow and is about to take the plunge into melee. I want a series of archers in various stages or preparedness as I want the bases to look as though they are all just starting to wade in:

The next mini is very much a WIP and to be honest I'm not sure how he's going to turn out! time for some experimentation! I'm considering replacing the maul with a bill but I don't have access to my Wars of the Roses plastics at present so I don't know- long story!:

That's the end of the conversion for today. I'm expecting on or two more of the Salute Freebies in the post so there will probably be more tomorrow!

Now, got to go and start painting a few up!

Bye for now.


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    1. Thanks Michael- there's more where they came from- i've been working on them a little every day.


  2. Very efficient work on those conversions ! congrats !

    1. Thanks Sam wise.... i'm in the process of applying some putty to them just now.

      I'll post up pics when they're done.