The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Saturday, 27 June 2015

To the Strongest, Late Medieval Game Test Two, Part One!

On Thursday evening gone we manages to set up another game of To the Strongest using Nigel's Medieval Collection. This time we opted to use the Wars of the Roses lists (kindly provided by Big Red Bat aka Simon Miller at the Big Red Bat Shop for Free! One cannot go wrong with free stuff :>)

We reduced the troop types effectively removing all the mounted Men at Arms and Crossbowmen and settling for a smaller game in terms of troop types and the same size area in which to move Nigel's toys around. By sharing the remainder of the troop types around and using the suggestions that Simon had made via e-mail with me over the course of the previous week we were all set.

It's the first game of TtS that we have had using the rules for Late Medieval warfare where battle lines were maintained and the game had the right sort or look to it. This may well be because we are relative new comers to the rules, which do stand (proudly I might add) outside the mainstream as far as rules are concerned. I have already mentioned the grid system that really helps to speed up the game and the use of playing cards in previous posts on the subject. all very innovative.

So how did the game go? Well, surprisingly well, First of all I'd better explain the changes that we made the first being one of Simon's suggestions is that bow shot from medium to long range should not be as effective as short range. This would have a increase to hit of +1. The second, which would not have come into great effect but I have to admit that I completely forgot about on the day was that Mounted Kiights should have to keep charging after they have declared their first charge. One amendment that Jim (fellow club ,ember came up with) was that at long range it is only possible to disorder a unit and not to destroy it at Medium to Long Range Bow Shot. This we did implement but it never really came into play as we had our usual run of "success" when it came to scoring a hit!!

The battle lines maintained the right sort of feel throughout the game, which hadn't happened in previous outings so that was a major tick in the plus box for me.

As far as the game itself is concerned my charge by my Scurrers was beaten off on their Left flank and their charge with their Scurrers was very successful against my well armoured but inexperienced Men at Arms on the right. There was a little tit for tat bow shot but no other combat to speak of except one incident (again, my Men at Arms becoming unstuck!). I expect that there will be a lot more combat next week and that the battle will take on  more dramatic proportions so watch this space next Thurday.

Here are the pics:

Bye for now :>)


  1. A great looking game Darrell! I do like that suggestion of Jim's. It could apply to formed units but not to small or light units, which are lost if they fail a single save.

    I think a rule requiring mounted knights to advance/charge when within bow range is probably desirable, if we can get the wording right. Its not important whether they are hit, or not, but I don't think mounted knights would hang around under fire.

    Best, Simon

    1. I agree with all of the above Simon. I'll pop over to the TtS Forum later today and place a link in the Battle Rep section and pose the suggestions in the rules section.


  2. Looks like very good game. Nigel have a very good collection of figures. Like them a lot!

    1. Thanks Bartek, the collection is even more vast than the mini's depicted in the game!