The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Friday, 3 July 2015

To the Strongest Late Medieval Test Game Two, Part Two

Yesterday evening Jim and I finished our game of To the Strongest Late Medieval. Again, the miniatures were provided by Nigel and have yet again added impetus (if you'll excuse the bad pun) to the re-basing of my own Late Medieval collection, some of which may feature in the game next week as we plan to continue.

After a few games, or rather sessions, a general sense of tactic nous began to form in my mind, no doubt Jim, with hos calculus like mind has it worked out already! It's essential to keep your units under your command in a battle line so as to maximise your number of attacks that a unit can make on the enemy, something that I had not taken into account at all in the previous sessions. a lesson well learned as it cost me the game in the end, not that I mind, the fun for me it moving the toys around and playing the game- winning really does not matter in the slightest. (I happen to think that if TtS was played in a really competitive manner it would detract from the game).

We have now played enough games of TtS Late Medieval to say that the missile system doesn't force the protagonists to close with one another as was common on the Late Medieval battlefield. Our "Archers shooting from more than one box may only cause disorder" actually didn't seem to help nor did the suggestion that Later Knights/Men at Arms lose one of their bonuses. I'm pretty sure that there will be an amendment that we could apply that we haven't thought of as of yet. It's probably staring us straight in the face! Thus is wargaming at times.

Having said all that, I'm certain that TtS will work brilliantly with armies that don't depend on missile fire to cause the enemy to close for melee. In fact, I'm so sure of the fact that I'm starting to build up a Pyrrhic army starting with a unit of Elite Pike and a unit of Pyrrus's Companions to be lead by Pyrrus himself. I'm going for Aventine Miniatures as I adore the sculpting style and I've heard many good things about them. It's probably worth mentioning that one could build an Pyrrhic army form Gripping Beast's Polemarch range as well. They too are beautiful sculpts- I know as I painted quite a few up for Gripping Beast a while back! Much of the 'old' Wargames Foundry range of Macedonians would also be eminently suitable.

OK, no blog article would be complete without any pics so here are a few pics of the game as we played it.

Until nest week when we'll be trying out something different re: the Shooting rules. We haven't actually thought of that yet but Jim has a good head for these things so I'm putting my faith in him!

Bye for now.


  1. Hi Darrell,

    It's a shame we are so far apart, I'd love to play a game with you! Playing the 100YW French I personally pile in as fast as I can, to minimise shooting casualties in the event that the English advance and pepper me. I will write the additional rule I mentioned to make mounted knights advance when in bowshot.

    Aventines are lovely and I have a Pyrrhic list. I'm currently working on the equivalent Roman list. I have most of the armies, too! :-)

    Best, Simon

    1. Indeed it is. I think you're in the London area? I'm guessing really Simon! I get down to Salute once a year and stay in Bromley for a while at my 'little' sister's place so maybe we could hook up for a Late Med game then? I could probably bring all the mini's we required. We were doing more of a Battle of Shrewsbury type game with both sides having access to Longbows last week and the week prior so we weren't using mounted knights. We did use the equivalent of Scurrers but they had little to do with the outcome of any combats as they failed to get around the flanks,

      I'm going to put in my first order of pike just as soon as I've seen the damage that I've just done to my account by joining the gym again!! I'll be ordering enough for one unit and then when they're seen some paint I'll continue from there. I dare not do it any other way these days :>)

      I'll stick what we've garnered on the forum ASAP.


    2. Sounds great Darrell- I'm in Muswell Hill, which is 10-15 minutes from where the A1 hits the North Circular. I have a table but no relevant lead.

      I've been working on the Camillan Roman list today. Now I want to build anti-elephant wagons and flaming pigs! :-)

  2. Nice looking collection :)

    1. Not mine.... all the credit goes to Nigel who own the whole lot.

      I'll be posting up some pics of my stuff today or tomorrow morning.