The Battle of Verneuil 17 August 1424

The Battle of Verneuil 17th August


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Perry's Agincourt Diorama Comes to Leeds- hurrah!

Made by David Marshall, of MM Dioramas, and Perry Miniatures, the centre-piece of the Royal Armouries’ recent Battle of Agincourt exhibition at the Tower of London will find a permanent home at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.


The museum will be hosting a Hundred Years War themed war-gaming weekend to mark the model’s move North. On Saturday 23, model makers David Marshall and the Perry’s will be leading a talk on how they managed the project and will be able to answer any questions.

If you are interested in putting on a participation game at the UK’s national museum of arms and armour please get in touch with: 

Kirsty Rogers 
Communications Officer

Keep checking our website for further updates on the event

To find out more about how the Agincourt diorama was made, please see these 'making the model' posts on our blog (here:

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  1. That sounds good, well worth a visit. Is that Saturday 23rd of any particular month?